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In Loving Memory Of Danielle Lisa Brentnall

In Loving Memory of Danielle Lisa Brentnall.

Danielle passed away unexpectedly on March 23, 2024, at the age of 34.

Dearly loved daughter of Terry and Lisa Carter, and much loved granddaughter of Bruce and Margaret Jones.

Danielle was adored niece to David and Judith Brentnall, and John Brentnall, and a beloved cousin to Mia and Jack Brentnall.

She will be remembered as a highly respected colleague and teacher at Park Ridge State High School,
and a dear friend to many.

Family and friends are invited to a service to celebrate Danielle’s life at:
Parklands Christian Centre, 1 Hillcrest Rd, Park Ridge QLD,
on Friday 12th April 2024 commencing at 10.00am.
At the service please wear a pop of pink.

The family have requested no flowers please.

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  1. Dear Danielle/Spy, I knew you only for a short time playing together in softball, but you were amazing, and I will miss you on the field. You always put in 110% effort and your skills were second to none. I loved your batting abilities & the way you would dive or a ball or slide for a base, it was inspirational. We also got to have quite a few chats in the dugouts and despite only knowing you for such a short time I know you were a good human being. You will be missed by many, and I will always have fond memories of our time together. We will have a toast for you at our presso night this Saturday mate. May you rest in peace xxxx

  2. Dear Danielle’s Family,
    Our thoughts are with you today.
    We only meet you once, when we moved next door, what a lovely person you were,
    rest in peace beautiful girl.

  3. dear miss Brentnall i met you when i was in grade 7 in drama class. drama was my fav class but only beause you where my teacher as the years went on you became my case manager for 2 years and you help me get through the toughest times of our lives you were like my second mother, you gave me advice, you were harsh on me but only because you knew my potential, you were always my get away plan, you would get me into carnivals and school excursion when i didn’t reach the expectations but you always got your way into getting me to go, and i could never repay you back for what you did for me, and you sacrificed your job for my education and for me to stay at park ridge, i knew you loved my family and you always wanted to adopt my family, but you were the toughest person i knew ever and you actually keep my family from going into pieces and you keep me going in the right direction, miss i love you as a teacher and a friend and a second mother. rest in peace, fly high, always watch above,
    -the show must go on with or without you- you would always say but I’ll never be able to go on without you ever and my wish every year is to wish that, that one pothole didn’t exist

  4. Hey Miss Brentnall,

    It’s almost been 4 months since you passed. Not gonna lie, it still feels like yesterday. I miss you so much. The last conversation we ever had, we were sitting on the steps near J Block. It was probably my favourite conversation I’ve ever had with you. At the end of the conversation, you said to me “kiddo, I will always be here for you. Even when you’re 30 and I’m 60, I’ll be here”. 4 months later, I need you more than ever and you’re not here. I know you would be there though if you were still here. You were always someone I could look up to at school. School isn’t my favourite place, and particularly in your last few weeks, you were always the one that was there when I needed. You just seemed to get me, ya know? Nothing feels right at the moment. I feel lost not having you to go to when I need help. You always knew exactly what to say. I would give anything to just have one more conversation.

    I hope I’m making you proud… I got another A on my Health assessment! See you on the other side Miss.

    Gabrielle 🫶🏼

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