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Funeral TV

Valuable advice, hints and tips on end of life care.

“It is about educating the community on funeral and end of life care options – so they can make an informed decision on the right funeral care”
Episode 1- Personalised coffins with any picture printed on them
Episode 2 – What happens behind the scenes mortuary transfer care
Episode 3- Tips on how to help a friend through the grieving process
Episode 4- Eco Friendly coffins and caskets
Episode 5- You’ve been asked to take the Eulogy. Step by step tips on writing a Eulogy
Episode 6 – Cardboard Coffins and how they are made
Episode 7 – Why Pre arrange your funeral – your questions answered
Episode 8 – Turning Ashes into Trees – returning to the earth.
Episode 9 – How a Legacy Casket is made.
Episode 10 – Teddy Bears that hold Cremated Remains.
Episode 11 – Where are pre-paid funeral funds invested?
Episode 12 – Coffins made from Wool – a gentle alternative.
Episode 13 – Flat Pack Caskets – DIY
Episode 14 – Return To Sender Coffins & Caskets – Eco Friendly Alternatives
Episode 15 – What is the purpose of a Grave Marker

Episode 16- How to Write a Condolence or Sympathy Card. Some Simple Tips

Episode 17 – Hearse Etiquette. Paying your respects.

Episode 18 – Three problems with funeral insurance.

Episode 19 – The inside of the coffin or casket

Episode 20 – The reason we hold a Poppy Ceremony at a Veteran’s Funeral. Interview with Harry Mee – Defence Force Welfare Officer.
Episode 21 – Turning Ashes Into Glass.
Episode 22 – Turning Ashes Into Diamonds
Episode 23- A practical alternative to sending flowers for a funeral
Episode 24 – Funeral Urns, Keepsakes and Memorial Jewellery. Final Touch Australia
Episode 25- Memorial Candle Urns

Episode 26 – What to do with the funeral flowers

Episode 27 – Viewing the Deceased.

Episode 28 – Holding a funeral at home.

Episode 29 – Green Burial Service
Episode 30 – Funeral Service Ideas for Name Badges