Green Funerals

Green Funerals – The Natural Choice

Caring for our environment is a topic close to the heart of Swanborough Funerals. Green Funerals provides natural choices that give back to our environment.

Swanborough Funerals are continuing to search and source products and services for Green Funerals. The Funeral Industry, including Funeral Homes, Cemeteries and Crematorium Facilities in Queensland have a long way to go to provide truly environmentally viable and friendly green funeral options. Our role as funeral directors is to ensure we create a green funeral option awareness through our products and services.

Special Announcement

Brisbane and Gold Coast families now have a green burial or natural burial option at

Alberton Cemetery – Natural Burial Options – located Northern End of the Gold Coast and operated by Gold Coast City Council Cemeteries.

Green Funerals – Burial

Our closest green funerals cemetery to Brisbane used to be Lismore Bushland Cemetery. Now the Gold Coast City Council Cemeteries have set aside a Green Burial or Natural Burial ground at the Alberton Cemetery. For full details please visit our link below

Alberton Cemetery – Natural Burial Options

Family can hold a Natural Burial or Green Burial Graveside service. If a indoor venue is required, St Peter’s Lutheran Church and Hall are available for hire or alternatively the Chapel at Eco Memorial Park. Please refer to the Alberton Cemetery link for full details of venue hire.

Click on link below to read in full detail about Lismore Bushland Cemetery or visit the council website

Lismore Bushland Cemetery

Services can be held in the venue of your choosing followed by Green Burial at the Cemetery, the outdoor chapel area within the cemetery grounds, any area within the bushland cemetery or at the graveside.

Click link below to view a diagram showing the difference between traditional burial and green burial.

Green Coffin Choice

Wicker or willow coffins Swanborough Funerals have found to be the most environmentally friendly and also cost effective choice, whilst still meeting current legislative requirements for green burial and cremation. Willow is a complete natural product with the coffin lining being made of calico.

Rattan White Casket

Willow plants are grown sustainably being very easy to harvest and requiring no fertilisers, pesticides or herbicides. The plants can replenish fertility in degraded and marginal soils and also provide habitat for birds and insects. They also act as windbreaks, stabilise soil and can combat river and coastal erosion. It also provides badly needed seasonal income for families in farming communities.
In the right soil conditions willow tends to decompose much more quickly than traditional materials such as MDF, hardwoods and metal. Willow is a carbon neutral material and when burnt only gives off the same amount of carbon that it consumes within it’s lifetime.

Eco friendly wicker coffins caskets are a beautiful and natural solution to a difficult problem.

Please click on link below to view our full wicker range

Wicker Coffin Range

Swanborough Funerals offer a range of eco friendly cremation urns for green funerals and memorials

Other green memorial options include tree plantings to restore bushland areas.

To discuss your green funeral requirements do not hesitate to contact Swanborough Funerals to have a chat.

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